City of Dusk

Ripples on Black Water

Plantday, 2nd Sunmonth

After speaking with Malinkar and Shentar, the party followed Mantara back to his home, where Tieru had prepared a place for them to stay the night. Mantara planned the route the party would take the next day and taught the party some of the details of the natives’ written language. Although he regarded the party with suspicion, Mantara gave Doriac a Shentu Plaque with a song written on it, so that Doriac could further study the language. Before the party went to bed, Mantara warned them that Javatu, the Astronomer King, could not be trusted because he was a member of the Desdes Mara.

That night, the party dreamt that they were their spirit animals, and that they were deep in the Preserve. Doriac used the opportunity to continue his studies of the language, and sought to learn more about Tarag Matalra. In the process, he came across a stone slab that was inscribed with the The Eight Deaths. Vanille discovered the wreckage of the Gathering Storm, and the others took the opportunity to investigate the emotions, determinations, secrets and motivations of the people that they met. Ausk took the life-force of a sick, old man on his death bed, and Peregrine flew to a tall black spire that she saw looming over a windy plain. Upon arriving, she discovered that the black spire would eventually become the The Memorial of the Long Night, and that below her the plains were filled with the ghostly shells of buildings and the souls of the dead.

Upon waking, Mantara and the party immediately set out for an escarpment south of the city that would take them out of the city. However, their route took them too close to the The Veil of Night, and the presence of the eight heroes caused a massive Destu Jadara to emerge. They defeated the monster, but in the process Doriak was poisoned. Peregrin did her best to treat the wound, but could only delay its effects for a few hours. Mantara advised that the party return to the city to prevent further attacks and the party agreed, but first they salvaged the creature’s adamantine carapace in the hopes that they could use it to better their equipment.
The party spent the rest of the day trading and bartering for magical artifacts, including a jaguar hair rope, a stone ring of protection, and Des Javada.

During their shopping trip, the party met Jamara, who advised that they visit the Green Village and speak to the Moss Children. They also met a wandering merchant from the Gravewater Tribe who was selling a number of magical staves and rods. In speaking to the nameless Gravewater, they discovered that the Gravewater Tribe is reviled among the people of the Preserve for their traditions of necromancy.

Unfortunately, the party attracted some attention while going about their business, and as they went to leave they were greeted by Javatu and his royal guard. In order to rid the party of any excuse to leave the city, Javatu ordered Jaraka to cure Doriac of the terrible poison that was wracking the diviner’s body. Under the guise of kindness, Javatu invited the party to dine with them, and suggested that they join in the procession to Tarag Matalra that the Astronomer King and his court planned on making in two days time. Javatu also suggested that the party might even be allowed to meet the gods themselves. After the feast, the king gave the party shelter in a lodge near the palace. There they sleep and dream…


Valarian Valarian

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