City of Dusk

A Brief Summary

A quick look at the game so far.

Winds of the Storm is a long-term campaign that has been running infrequently since 2009. Although there are plans for a more detailed summary of past events, first you ought to know more of the overall story.

Winds of the Storm is split into several chapters. I will discuss each of them to begin with.

Souls of Iron
The party began in the slums and tenements of the Rockelton Precincts, where they ran afoul of several mercenaries, who were attempting to molest a young barmaid by the name of Mary Aspenwhisper. The party drove off the mercenaries — even going so far as to track down their company and kill the lot of them — but Mary had been traumatized by the experience, and was swiftly becoming catatonic. The party swore to find a mindhealer to cure Mary, and set out on a journey to the Refuge of Pelor in order to find one. On their way, they met four restless spirits which helped them on their way. Upon their arrival at the Refuge of Pelor, they were able to contact a mindhealer by the name of Keaton Woods, who promised to come to their aid, but only if they would investigate and find a way through the territory of the New Boccobian Order, which had been the epicenter of some suspicious activity. They went there, only to discover that the new Boccobian order was kidnapping and brainwashing citizens, and that they were manufacturing Iron Souls with the tortured half-dead bodies of their victims. In overthrowing the High Priest of the New Boccobians, they discovered that one of the Duskmages, Atur Acerbus, was behind the threat. However, there was little they could do about it, and so they returned to Keaton and together they travelled back to Rockelton, where Keaton healed Mary and brought her out of her catatonic state.

Cannons of the Sun
Taking an airship back to the Refuge of Pelor, Keaton and the party were forced to make a crash-landing in Dusk Enforcer territory. There, they discovered that Keaton was wanted by the Duskmages for unknown reasons. They managed to escape the Dusk Enforcer’s district to the area surrounding the Grand Cathedral but they were pursued by the Dusk Enforcers, surrounded, and betrayed. Keaton swapped Peregrine’s room key for a mysterious black key and then surrendered to the Dusk Enforcers. He was killed immediately, and the party was let free. Unfortunately, Peregrine was slowly being killed by the key, and by the time the party could get her to Sungreet Chapel-Fortress in the Refuge of Pelor, she was dead. However, at sunrise she “woke up” from the deathly slumber, and told the party that she had journeyed in a ghostly city peopled by the dead. However, by then the Dusk Enforcers had realized that Keaton had swapped the keys, and so they came against the chapel fortress in force. The party lead the defense, but the assault did not end with the defeat of the Dusk Enforcer armies. During the night, Orion Acerbus trapped the party in a dream-realm, where they were forced to confront a reflection their true self. Orion expected that the spell would paralyze them with fear and self-loathing, leaving him free to lead a midnight raid on Sungreet Chapel. Instead the party met shadowy versions of themselves that answered a single question and then told them to awake. They awoke and drove off Orion, who cursed them and called them “usurpers.”

The following morning, they set out in search of the door to which the black key belonged. An entry in Keaton’s journal hinted that the door was at Shadowguard Keep, in the heart of Dusk Enforcer territory and adjacent to the Veil of Night. On their way to Shadowguard, the party was plagued with strange dreams, one of which involved a dance before a great gate of shadowed glass. On their arrival at Shadowguard Keep, the party discovered that most of the Dusk Enforcers had gone west to wage a full-scale war on the refuge of Pelor, and that the keep was mostly empty. They fought their way through the remaining guards and found the Obsidian Court, where they unthinkingly re-enacted the dance from their dream and fought the Shadowguard. The dance opened the The Door of Stars and they found themselves drawn into it against their will. They blacked out for an indeterminate amount of time, during which they dreamt of the Archbishop of Pelor betraying the people of Sungreet Chapel.

Lords of Twilight
The party awoke on the other side of the Door of Stars, and found themselves in a vast jungle. They followed the sound of music and briefly met Tieru before running afoul of a pack of Storm Jaguars. The fought the Jaguars with the help of Mantara, who regarded them with suspicion and took them to Vatu Matal. There the party met Shentar and Malinkara, who told them that they worshipped the Duskmages as the “New Gods.” Shentar believed that the party was sent from a distant land to be the The Eight Avatars for the New Gods, and recommended that they go to the Holy City. They will depart soon, under the guidance of Mantara.


Valarian Valarian

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