Tarag Matalra

“At the heart of the jungle I came across ruins of the same craft and make as the others I had encountered, except in that it was more expansive than the others I have catalogued. The greatest aspect of this ruin was the massive temple at the center, the entrance of which I could not find. Around the temple was a clearing where no vine or tree had crept, a platueau of smooth white rock, and on this plateau were eight pedestals of windswept stone, whose engravings had long since been obscurred. To the west of this plateau there was a city of cracking rock amongst a mighty forest, where the forest was, slowly but surely, taking back its sister land. Strangest of all, to the west I found a twisted pile of rusting metal, and beyond that an octagonal slab. The slab was much like those anachronistic tablets I found in other ruins that had been inscribed with messages in the language of modern Ă–erth, but this one had been deeply scorched and broken in half, and the message had long been worn away by the rain and wind.”
- from a report on the Jungled Mesa, written by Frederick Vinecrawler, Half-Elven Archaeologist

Tarag Matalra lies at the center of the Preserve, and is the largest Salastese city in all of the Salastan Sphere. It gets its name from the clan that founded it, which roughly translates to “People of the Eight.” It is likely that worship of the eight deaths started with this clan and as the influence of the Tarag Matalra spread, other clans adopted their religion. In both legend and recent history, Tarag Matalra is the place where the gods of death descended to spread wisdom and preach their holy will.

Tarag Matalra has a population of about 16,000 people from every clan and region of the Preserve. It is similar in design to an Oerthen city in that the vast majority of its population resides in apartments and houses within city limits, rather than scattered about the surrounding countryside. The houses are built from many materials, but generally have a stone foundation and frame, with wood, clay and thatch filling in the rest of the structure.

Tarag Matalra has very little agriculture. Instead, it recieves a portion of the agricultural surplus of the other cities within the Preserve, as tribute.

Tarag Matalra

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