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There is, on the continent of Ghast, a malignant tumor made of stone and iron. It has grown as the Duskmage’s chokehold on the City of Iron Towers has tightened. This foul cancer has spread from the north down past the Preserve and strangled the life out of the plains. The smoke of its manufactories smothers the sun, and turns the land into a vast city of twilight. Many warned us of this eventuality, but we ignored them. We foolishly thought the great beast that was devouring the north could never devour us. Yet here I stand, handing over the sigil of my city to the brutal enforcers that have conquered us. They did not conquer us with swords or spells, but they have subjugated us nonetheless. They have bound our freedom up in bands of wood and bronze, and although I must now surrender to the Duskmage, I will never forget the tyranny and evil he represents. Let him have the sigil! I will fight him wherever I am able, even if I must do so from beyond the veil of death.”

- The final recorded words of the last Mayor of Rockelton, Geoffery Chandler

It is 10:00 PM on Plantday, the 2nd of Sunmonth, 4046 AG. Ausk, Eldre, Ferris, Enthar, Vanille, Gavin, Doriac and Peregrine are somewhere in the Preserve, taking shelter in a city which the natives of the Preserve call Vatu Matal. They are currently the guests of Javatu, Astronomer King of Vatu Matal. In two days time, they will begin a journey to Tarag Matalra, but until then they are lost in sleep. Right now, they dream…

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